Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wintyr Thompson

Playing Call of Cthulhu this weekend; it was a triumph. I had to come home and watch the "Still Alive" video from Portal. I outlived all my fellow investigators. My harrowing escape involved pushing down old people and climbing over mothers clutching their babies, but everyone else went insane, fainted and died in a fire. It was awesome. And I got cake.

Anywhoo, I did a sketch of my latest character. She's considderably superior to my previous attempt. The last guy I made was good at hiding and listening... He went insane listening to his friends die while he hid. Then a monster ate him. Winter Thompson, despite appearances, is a top-notch sprinter and has extra sanity points. Turns out, running and dicking people over are far more important than what I had previously assumed were good survival skills. Also making another guy to be a middle-weight prize fighter for a 1920's game.

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