Friday, October 31, 2008

Hug Monster Returns

I was watching The Host today. It was an excellent movie.And I felt inspired to draw something monsterous. While my sketch of the creature from the movie was crap, I went through some production sketchs from In The Mouth Of Madness and drew some of those creatures.
I love Lovecraftian horror.

I guess the little guy in the corner there is a crude caricature of Ben Kingsley. Or Captain Picard. Or Charlie Brown, after the armageddon.

Wired Girl 2

What can I say, I like girls with wires. An aborted sketch I only party felt like finishing. I should try this one over cause I think it could be really cool inked and colored. And better wire-placement. That one looks like it's coming right out her pooper. Actually the rest could be going straight in her vagina for all I know.
Yeah, there's a reason I gave up on this sketch.

I Can't Refuse A Challenge

And by request:Porky Pig, in a bondage dungeon. And I wanted to draw Wile E Coyote.

Bright Young Things Pg. 11

'We just got F'd in the A.' Well, we got some more bodies stacking up. Looks like everybody but Mehari had an unhappy ending to their story. And she's not a particularly happy individual.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been systematically feeding babies to hungry mutated puppies!
Or just wasting time on go-nowhere comics. Shmeh.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Queen of the Sea

Sometimes when you can't draw anything else:Big-breasted women in swim suits. Techincally, Namorita of Atlantis. I think she's like the Sub-mariner's cousin or something.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


My hero.Orriginally just a throw away idea for a game I was making. But there's just something about Murdersaur.

Jack In: It's a thing!

Bright Young Things, page 1. Just missing the colors.

And maybe a few edits. Once I get all the inks, pannels, and text done I'll print it all out, color it, re-scan it and finish the pages. Then resize and orient it for print.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beasts! pt. 2

More animals.

The dinosaur is from the comic I picked up: Xenozoic Tales. (Which I've been looking for, for about 15 years) Better known as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. And the big spikey-thing is from Brotherhood of the Wolf. Kinda. I know I didn't get the details right.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ro-bug wars.

Opening to a war. We got a team of heroes.
An air-carrier with a compliment of drop ships.
And entrenched units between the enemy and Freedomville USA.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bright Young Things Pg. 10

Death and mayhem!Things didn't go so well over in the R&D department. And our bright young thing is no where to be found. Page 10 of 12. Almost there!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Team Blank

The team is all here.From left to right:
Toyotomi Yoshimoto: Cyber-samurai
The Red Legion: Dupilicator
Dr. Hero: Psychic M.D.
Tease: Liquid metal chick
Sparticus Hemingway: General superman dude
Terrier: Part man, part greyhound, part terrier; all badass
Holy Diver: Exiled comptroller of Atlantis
Metal Lincoln: Armored dude

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Unstoppable Metal Lincoln

Quite possibly the best thing I've ever drawn. Maybe. I kinda forgot about the boots. He'll put that boot so far up your ass you'll be writting it love letters.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Been down too long in the midnight sea! He's the Exiled Comptroller of Atlantis.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Terry, the Terrorist Terrier

He's scottish. Did you notice the kilt? Actually, I designed Terrior to be a hero rather than a villain. Part of Team _____. Yeah, no team-name ideas yet.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dr. Hero: Psychic MD

Team medic and subordinate to Ms. Tease. His exact powers are unclear. Far from being able to read minds, he only gets a general sense of malaise around evil. Other than a brief attempt at boxing in college he has no combat experience. He can, however, use his mind as an extenstion over his fists to inflict great damage and possesses super-human stamina and focus. That being said, he's really beter at saving lives than taking them.

Bright Young Things Pg. 9

Is that an arcology in the background? I think it is! It is! It is and arcology!So, Dr. Carpenter arrives in his new digs. But something seems amiss. Whatever happened to that stunning young woman who spirited him away? And why does his neck itch where she kissed him?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Blows

She's got feathered-back hair and stylish capris. And she might be the leader of an elite super-hero organization. She doesn't like to wear much when she's going into battle; but at the same time, doesn't want to look like a whore. And the things sticking out of her back grow into wings. Which, turn out to really be more of a style statement than a practical means of locomotion. She can only levitate, not fly. The pouches/utility belts have greanades, tools, electronics, any things she can't fabricate by morphing her body. Ala the T-1000. Anyways, I don't have a good name for her yet.

EDIT: I woke up with her name in mind. I'm thinking of calling her "The Tease" or just "Tease." Cause she can look like any woman she wants, but you can't have her. ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

American History Blech

Watching Ed Norton play a neo-nazi. He gets anally raped in the shower by other neo-nazis. You can never trust the fuckin' Nazis. Sketches of the the goddamned Joker. From The Batman. I'm not really a fan of the series or the designs, but I do like highly stylized art and the exagerations that come with the goddamned Joker's facial expression.
Like most sketch sessions, this one started off like crap with a terrible goddamn Batgirl picture. Then progressed to a clumsy Joker, and a slightly more refined Joker, then finally one I was happy with.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Explosions Gone Wrong

Yes, it's a real show. No, I haven't watched it; yet.
I had to get this done. Get it out of my head so I could go to work on something, anything else. But hey, now it's done. Only 11 1/2 more to go.

The teary-eyed hand job

What I'm going for:Once I have a moment to fill in all the rest of the crap. And decide on whether to fill the rest with black or white shadows and highlights or somekind of color.
Thank you Powers and Next Wave for being inspirational. Seriously, Next Wave is probably the funniest comic book I've ever read.

Bright Young Things cover sketches

Trying to get the ol' idea wheel turning.Drawing Mehari in a realistic sitting position aint easy. I wanted a fine wroght-iron stool and a pile of guns behind her. More likely I'll end up with an easy chair. But of course, it will probably end up a ridiculously tall chair. Still, stack of guns and computers: all-night project there. Good times.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Junkity Junk

Some things I just sketched out. A junky half-finished robot. A guy crushing a robot. A truck passing a building, full of robots.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bright Young Things Pg. 8

An airport!
Or something. It really scanned too light to see anything. And that sucks.


Nerdiest fuckin' kid in the A.V. club.I was looking through this blog and got to thinking about what our favorite decepticon, Soundwave, would look like if he were a fleshy human. And I'd feel kinda sad for him; at least while he was in high school. The two-tone pants and shirt were bad enough, but the hair just screams "beat me." Maybe Megatron and the other decepticons were the guys who got picked on at Cybertron High. Like Megatron was the president of the ROTC and he was constantly at odds against Optimus Prime on the student council. (Optimus Prime won the ASB presidential election).
The more I talk this out, the more I think it would make an awesome comic.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sparticus Hemingway

He has all the powers of history's greatest gladiators and greatest authors. I was thinking up comic hero ideas in relation to people I actually know. This one came from an English major obsessed with ancient Rome. It's actually pretty uninspired in terms of design. I ment for it to be more flamboyant. I guess I'll have to re-work the costume and make his build bulkier. Maybe add a sword.
I've been watching and re-watching Iron Man. I think a powered suit may be next on the menu.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

They can't all be winners folks.

Sometimes you're just not feeling it.And you want to play Civ. 4.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thirsty-brand Toilet Tissue!

I gotta get more things posted!Crappy rocket man guy from Buck Rogers, or something. His foot is horribly deformed.

And then I found this:
Thirsty-brand Toilet Tissue: available at Safeway!

I'm so behind!

Skechitos. Junk that came out of my head. Stuff to be used later in a game maybe.

Bright Young Things Pg. 7

Progress is chugging along. Oh oh! they're getting into a cab!