Monday, November 24, 2008

Iron Woman

Watch out! That bitch got a knife!
Not really. She has repulsor gauntlets. And an Iron rolling pin.

Sketching and sketching. Iron Man starts turning into a pretty lady. It's gotten to a point where every sketch starts turning into a robot or a pinup girl. In this case, a robot pinup-girl. Anyway, I got the super kewl Iron Man part of my drawing done.


TF said...

goddamit, man!

stop beating about the bush and ink the LOVE MACHINE!

*grrr rant rave grrr harrumph*

FoldedSoup said...

Never really noticed it before, but that 80s reverse-widow's peak mask Iron Man was sportin' really is pretty effeminate.

Or maybe I'm thinking of Madame Mask's.

Or maybe, after making a comment like this, I need to rethink my dorkiness.

Mr. Popular said...

I thought he was starting to look kinda "Scarlet Witch"