Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mr. Silverfish

A terrifying tiny titan of terror. I dunno. I have this comic idea that I got about 1 page into featuring Silverfish, but it's hard to finish. Basically, the story goes, he climbs into a guy's nose and crawls around in his brain. Making him do stuff. Like eat books at work. And he has a really high pitched screachy voice.

Anyway, He's still got a cool little design. I should force myself to sit down one day and just do the comic. Or do it in 3-panel strip form. He's really more of a gag character for a dumb "extras" comic.

Oh yes, I'm half way done with the pencil work on my big secret project. Yay.


John Q. said...

FYI, there is a comic titled SILVERFISH (about the insects - Additionally, Bob Burden (of Flaming Carrot fame) has a character called Silverfish. Just a heads up in case you were intending to publish your silverfish comic - wouldn't want you to run into any legal hassles.

Mr. Popular said...

Thanks, I was suprised when I went by the Comic Stop and they had a big book titled: Silverfish. But I hadn't taken this idea too seriously. I guess if I did, I could just add an adjective to the front of his name and it'd be completely new.

John Q. said...

Yeah, that was David Lapham's project with DC Comics. We had quite a discussion with them re: copyright issues before that book came out.

Best of luck with your work.